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We focus on the learner— and on the job of the learner —to create a customised business English course that enables successful language performance.

With our learning approach and scalable and digital assessment tools, our courses can create tangible results that employees can implement immediately in their work roles.

Our business English skills modules
customised to match needs
and build confidence.

Business Englisch Training Meetings

Participating and leading meetings 

The ability to hold meetings efficiently is a key skill. This module explores the language of meetings in English and is designed to help learners talk about their ideas accurately and convincingly to move projects forward.
  • Opening, closing and conducting a meeting in English
  • Presenting arguments convincingly
  • Dealing with the challenges of virtual meetings
  • Talking about projects and projects stages
  • Creating rapport with meeting participants
  • Building consensus

Impactful presentations

This module looks at the language of presenting information and ideas. It gives learners an indispensable toolkit to help them structure their presentations, describe complex situations more clearly and deliver their talk with impact in English.
  • Structuring a successful presentation
  • Pausing, pacing and sentence stress
  • Describing complex situations simply and clearly
  • Managing interruptions, questions and objections
  • Giving presentations with impact
Business Englisch Training Präsentationen
Business Englisch Training Verhandlungen

Effective negotiations

Learn to negotiate in English to uncover mutual benefits, language to clarify positions, making and responding to proposals and expressions that can generate momentum in difficult situations.
  • Developing questioning and listening techniques
  • Clarifying positions 
  • Dealing with difficult negotiating situations
  • Setting and prioritising your objectives  
  • Making and responding to proposals
  • Finalising an agreement and action plan

Socialising in English

This module builds the language skills learners need to connect in social situations with important stakeholders. Here we focus on vocabulary and expressions to keep conversations going and make the most out of small talk.
  • Identifying your goal for networking
  • Making the most out of small talk
  • Connecting more deeply with your business partners
  • Using the right words and expressions to express your ideas
  • Keeping the conversation going
  • Building confidence in difficult areas
English Training
Business Englisch Training Gespräche führen

Have the ''right'' conversations

Along with new words and expressions, conversations is a key component in every course we deliver. But we focus on having the ''right'' conversations that incorporate the learner’s work expertise and experiences to increase fluency.
  • The learner's work experience
  • Finding solutions to real problems
  • Professional topics relevant to the learner's job role

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    GrowWerk courses are excellent and help me a lot in my job role where I need to communicate with colleagues in English everyday.

    Renate Leda