The right leadership skills to high perform internationally

What kind of leader should we aspire to be: emotionally intelligent, a company motivator, defining strategy and driving innovation, modelling communicative excellence? We believe there is another question leaders should be asking... what kind of leader am I, right here, right now?

Our coaching and training deliver key leadership competencies to support decision makers in their cross border role. We believe in:

  • Self-reflection, uncovering our own hidden attitudes, beliefs and behaviours
  • Investigating the perspectives of others to understand complexity and unlock solutions
  • Growing people networks to take better decisions for you, the team and the organisation
  • Slowing down to asses the task, motivations and available resources
  • Coaching and enabling performance in others to achieve high performing teams

Leadership coaching
and training services

Workshop: Leadership and High Performing Teams

Improve leadership skills to tackle market uncertainty, minimise team conflict, and gain greater alignment on business critical projects.

Workshop: Managing Across Cultures

Manage diversity and leverage the various perspectives and experiences to innovate and solve complex problems faster.
Entwickeln Sie Ihre CORE Leadership

Workshop: C(O)RE Leadership

Understand what it takes to succeed in your career by investigating four key drivers. C(O)RE is essential for any leader aiming for something great in their organisation.
Bob Dignen

Bob Dignen, Senior Leadership Coach,
author and Managing Director of York Associates

Die Business-Coachings (Personal Development im Corporate-Umfeld) von GrowWerk sind erstklassig. Ich habe mehrere davon durchlaufen und kann sagen, sie haben Hand und Fuß. Profis am Werk.

Murat Erimel