Leadership and High Performing Global Teams



International leaders today face serious challenges, from significant market uncertainty to serious internal collaboration issues linked to, for example, transformation processes, a lack of alignment around roles and responsibilities, and challenging levels of international diversity.

This two day workshop (delivered either in English or German) is for leaders who want to gain deeper insights into themselves as leaders, and be able to communicate sensitively and effectively for a range of leadership purposes.

After this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand diverse options for leadership in complex international organisations
  • Have the capability to adapt own team and leadership style to the needs of specific individuals, teams and situations
  • Understand success factors for high performing international teams, and learn tools and processes to develop own teams 

Workshop content

  • Understanding the unique challenges of internationality
  • The value and competence of ‘slow thinking’ for effective leadership
  • Interactive dialogue
  • Virtual communication

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    GrowWerk trainers and coaches have provided us with excellent support in successfully tackling and mastering the communication challenges that come with change...

    Andy Laube
    Managing Director, CHIP Digital