Essential people skills

Core 24 course

At the end of the day, business is a people business. That's why business professionals need to build trust, they need to manage difficult conversations and they need to do all this across cultures. 

CORE24 is a suite of 24 essential people skills that business professionals need to communicate more effectively in today’s international environment. Designed by our partners at York Associates, this programme features what we see as core to employee success, while practising them in English replicates your workplace reality.

Twenty four people skills focusing on four
key areas

Core 24

Module 1: Develop personal insights

Building relationships with others requires a stable relationship with yourself. In this first module, participants will learn to:
  1. Recognise their strengths
  2. Get more creative
  3. Manage emotions in the workplace
  4. Define their personal brand
  5. Accelerate their learning
  6. Plan next career steps

Module 2: Increase collaboration

In this second module, participants will develop skills necessary to collaborate and engage with others more powerfully across cultures, build trust and to have difficult conversations with ‘difficult’ people. Participants will also learn to:
  1. Build powerful relationships
  2. Develop quick trust
  3. Motivate others
  4. Create an effective international network
  5. Grow their intercultural intelligence
  6. Handle difficult people effectively
Core 24
Core 24

Module 3: Grow influence and impact

The third module examines transformation issues around influence, negotiation, change and organisational culture. Participants will learn to:
  1. Increase influence at work
  2. Pitch, present and inspire
  3. Improve international negotiations skills
  4. Use storytelling to convince and persuade
  5. Deal successfully with change 
  6. Handle politics in organisations

Module 4: Drive performance

The final module focuses on key skills which guarantee sustainable personal development for oneself and others. Here participants will learn to:
  1. Give and get feedback
  2. Delegate to optimise performance
  3. Coach and mentor others to achieve more
  4. Facilitate dynamic learning events
  5. Deliver engaging webinars
  6. Lead virtual teams effectively
Core 24

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