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Communication and collaboration are under pressure in almost every organisation today. Meetings are often seen as inefficient. Unnecessary and ineffective emails are generating huge frustration. Disengagement is at an all-time high. All this produces cost and lost efficiency for organisations.

fierce training aims to enhance organisational cultures by developing highly effective conversational skills based on curiosity, a desire to learn, a commitment to confront challenging issues, and a desire to create positive and lasting relationships.

Six unique training modules
to shake up performance.

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fierce TEAM

Breakthrough silos, develop networks, inspire high performance

fierce TEAM is designed to help individuals, teams and networks of professionals make better decisions for themselves and their organisations.

The fierce TEAM Beach Ball meeting methodology deepens individuals’ understanding of a complex reality with its multiple perspectives and competing interests. In the workshop, participants practise the Beach Ball meeting to tackle real challenges and create real solutions.

  • Benefits:

  • Make better, more informed decisions

  • Solve recurring and systemic problems

  • Develop buy-in across a broad group of stakeholders

  • Breakthrough department silos

  • Implement action plans fast with pre-alignment in the meeting

fierce COACH

Understand, spark action, tackle tough challenges

Coaching is the essential skillset for the 21st century. It’s the process by which leaders engage with their team members, understand their concerns and challenges, and develop the confidence and accountability to take on tough challenges.

The fierce Mineral Rights Model is a coaching tool which aims for depth, to engage coachees with the underlying issue, to name it and to solve it. Simple but instantly effective, this tool has the power to transform how people communicate as they realise the power of asking questions.

  • Surfaces and addresses issues critical to success

  • Stimulates self-generated insight and curiosity

  • Provides the push for action or change

  • Builds develop self-reliance and accountability

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Create healthy feedback channels

fierce FEEDBACK is a conversation in which we help ourselves and others learn and grow. It provides people with a methodology to ensure feedback always happens, remains positive to reinforce what’s going well and create a culture where candour is the expectation and trust is strong.


  • Create an honest and authentic culture

  • Strengthen and enrich relationships within your team

  • Focus on creating a highly functioning team and organisation

  • Improve performance through consistent, continual feedback


Clarify roles, end micromanagement, put people in control

fierce DELEGATE helps leaders to promote responsibility taking and effective priority setting in their teams.

For team members, DELEGATE is an effective way to avoid the feeling of micro-management, and it creates opportunities to argue for more responsibility and interesting tasks.

This training re-examines the meaning of delegation, making clear its rationale and principles of best practice. Participants are asked to examine their roles and working lives, and identify where they are doing the right and the wrong things.


  • Ensures individuals know where they have authority to make decisions and act

  • Provide a framework for professional development

  • Deepen accountability by clarifying expectations

  • Build trust through transparency and open communication 

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Successfully engage in difficult conversations

We all know the challenges of giving people open and constructive feedback, especially if they feel criticised or attacked! But the evidence is clear. Many of us simply avoid having difficult conversations, despite knowing that avoiding the conversation means paying a high price. Left unchecked, negative behaviours that are not challenged, become the norm.

The fierce CONFRONT model allows you to understand the typical strategies we use to avoid difficult conversation, the price of not confronting, and how to manage the 7-step fierce Confrontation conversation to solve issues and deepen relationships.


  • Address attitudinal, behavioural or performance issues head-on

  • learn strategies to confront tough issues with confidence and skill

  • Clarify what is at stake if nothing changes

  • Enrich relationships through honest, respectful discussion


Get teams pushing in the same direction

fierce ACCOUNTABILITY is a way to deepen team commitment, embrace change and focus energy on important goals. It moves people from a culture of justification to a culture of action.


  • Foster accountability within teams and throughout the organisation

  • Embrace change and focus energy on important goals

  • Equip employees to overcome obstacles and embrace responsibility

  • Achieve goals and KPI’s by getting more done, and on time

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fierce Inc. is an international leadership development and training company founded by Susan Scott, author of the best-selling book fierce Conversations and fierce Leadership.

growwerk is an authorised European provider and European partner of fierce Inc.

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    Everyone, everywhere, is grappling with fundamental changes to their way of living and working. The fierce approach can help you connect with your team members in a way that is supportive and authentic.

    David Zubl
    Director, Development Learning Programs University of Michigan