Professional Coaching

Raise awareness, increase competence, overcome challenges

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Coaching is now widely recognised as an essential tool in the contemporary business world. It offers valuable support to leaders, individuals and teams to enhance their work skills and achieve career and project goals. Because of its many benefits, an increasing number of organisations have started to prioritise coaching as an important component of their development program.

Our experienced team of certified coaches is committed to providing personalised support that drives positive transformation and inspires action. We work with clients from various industries to elevate their performance, promote self-awareness and cultivate an environment of continuous growth and development.

Who we coach

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One to one coaching

We coach business professionals working in a variety roles and industries, supporting them in managing the many challenges of corporate life, challenges such as:

  • Managing transitions and navigating change such as a new role, job or career path.

  • Improving work-life balance, setting boundaries, managing time and prioritising what matters most.

  • Overcoming work life challenges that block career ambitions, strategies to deal with difficult situations, building resilience and gaining new perspectives.

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Coaching for teams

We coach international projects teams who want to:

  • Bring clarity to team goals and business critical projects to ensure everyone is working towards a shared vision.

  • Improve communication to share ideas more powerfully, give and receive feedback and resolve conflicts faster.

  • Enhance team dynamics to build stronger relationships, build quick trust and reach higher levels of collaboration to get work done.

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Coaching for leaders

We provide international executive coaching support to leaders in a variety of international contexts, from middle management to C-suite, focusing on a range of client-specific objectives that include:

  • Self-leadership: developing necessary self-awareness and emotional intelligence

  • Team leadership: developing high performing teams and setting and reviewing performance objectives

  • Organisational leadership: understanding the big picture, working vertically and horizontally

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    growwerk's business coaching (focused on personal development within the corporate world) are excellent. I've taken part in several of them and can say with confidence they are well-structured and run by true professionals.

    Murat Erimel