Business English Training

Overcome communication barriers

As the global workplace continues to change and evolve, professionals need the right kind of language and communication skills to effectively collaborate with others. Improving critical business English skills requires context driven training, and a provider with the expertise to correctly assess client needs, motivations and their international business environment.

We train essential career building English skills for the new world of remote work, professional business skills such as: presenting ones ideas with confidence and clarity, facilitating and actively participating in team meetings, negotiating to uncover mutual benefits, writing effective emails and communicating socially in order to build trusting business relationships.

Our remote and in-company
business English training services

Core business skills

We improve employee business communication skills that organisations need for international business, critical business skills such as English for meetings, presentations, negotiations, networking and writing.

English for specific purposes

We offer an ever expanding range of courses that focuses on developing communicative competence in a specific discipline such as English for accounting, human resources , IT and engineering.

Bespoke solutions

Our expertise and long experience allows us to quickly design courses that fit virtually any job role and industry, tailored solutions that generate positive learning and performance outcomes for better results. Talk to us about your special requirements.
Dan Marsh

Dan Marsh, GrowWerk Skills Trainer

Effektives Training in Business Englisch ist nur möglich, wenn sich die Trainer in unserem Geschäft auskennen.