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Soft Skills for Personal and Professional Growth

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Soft skills are increasingly important in corporate life. In today's competitive job market, organisations are actively seeking talent that possesses not only the essential technical expertise but also strong soft skills. These vital interpersonal competencies, including critical thinking, empathy, leadership, and more, enable individuals to foster strong international business relationships, efficiently resolve workplace conflicts and achieve company objectives faster.

Unlock the Potential of In-Demand Interpersonal Skills Training
Our comprehensive soft skills courses provide essential training in areas such as cross-border team collaboration, effective communication, self-leadership and critical thinking.

Leadership Development
We provide leadership training to support leaders to better deal with change, handle team conflict and create greater alignment in international projects.

Boost Employee Well-Being and Productivity
We empower teams to thrive both personally and professionally by focusing on vital topics like emotional intelligence and work-life balance.

Bridge Cultural Gaps and Leverage Diversity in the Workplace
Leverage diverse team perspectives and experiences for faster innovation and efficient problem-solving in complex situations.

Digitalisation and Online Learning
Choose from in-person, remote or hybrid training options. We also use relevant digital tools to enhance learning outcomes.

Soft skills Training in English
Delivered in English, our soft skills training presents a valuable opportunity for non-native speakers to refine their language skills while developing essential soft skills for international business success.

Soft Skills
Training Services

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SPARK learning - Interpersonal Training

This training course develops five dimensions of interpersonal growth, focusing on self leadership, fostering relationships, designing a professional network and influencing and motivating others. SPARK learning and performance.
S stimulate self-awareness
P promote effective collaboration
A amplify your reach

R realise performance in others
K keep the learning coming
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Managing and Leveraging Team Diversity

Embrace diversity within your cross-border teams to enhance collaboration, drive innovation and accelerate problem-solving. This course focuses on understanding and leveraging diverse perspectives, refining communication strategies to bridge cultural gaps, and utilising unique strengths to spark innovation.
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Leading International Projects and Teams

Developed for professionals leading international projects teams, our flagship training develops flexible thinking to cope with project uncertainty and complexity, enabling stronger performance in project teams.
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fierce Conversations® - Hoch effektive Gesprächsführung entwickeln

fierce training aims to enhance organisational cultures by developing highly effective conversational skills based on curiosity, a desire to learn, a commitment to confront challenging issues, and a desire to create positive and lasting relationships.

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    We have been working with growwerk for over 10 years and over time we have developed a training program with growwerk that is tailored to the needs of our employees. It's always been a great pleasure to collaborate with them.

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